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About NECA

NECA is an organization representing professional, licensed and skilled electrical contractors.

NECA offers you an opportunity to have a direct say in the electrical industry and its?future through regular meetings held at the chapter, district and national levels. Subjects of discussion may include areas as Labor Relations, Marketing, Industry Relations, Technical and Training Programs, Codes and Standards, Fair Trade Practices, Government Relations and Legislation, and Employee Training.

NECA is an extension of you. It�s that extra employee on your payroll that looks out for your interests. This could include contract compliance, inspection procedures, OSHA regulations, and/or follow up on Davis-Bacon. It also could include representing you in your own community with trade groups, architects, engineers, government, and other business leaders.

NECA�s educational programs can help you and your employees enhance your professional credentials. They�re developed exclusively for the electrical construction industry and presented at the chapter, district and national levels.

NECA�s News, exclusively for NECA members is also an important service. Published weekly, this newsletter keeps you informed on areas important to the conduct of your business.

The NECA staff at the chapter level, regional level and national level is the vital resource to bring you the programs and services to help you stay competitive and informed.

NECA represents its members in virtually every aspect of the electrical industry by working with other organizations in coalitions that speak with a voice louder than the individual group that makes up the coalitions. NECA takes the lead in forming and administering many of these groups.

NECA provides its members with the very latest information on new markets, marketing methods, technological developments, laws and regulations, management techniques, and any new areas that become crucial to contracting operations.

NECA continues to lead the way in providing information to its membership.
For information, go to or contact David Sokolow at 770-454-6400.