Certified Leadership Program



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Our industry has done a great job at training and educating electrical apprentices and turning them into journeymen.  Now, let�s go the next step!

Let the AECA Certified Leadership Program (CLP) help train your key Supervisors and Project Managers. 

This program is designed to have interaction among participants, encouraging them to learn from one another.  In most classes, there will be time for both large and small group interactions, as well as practice of skills. 

Students must complete 64 hours of training in order to receive the CLP designation.  The upper management team at each member company will determine which courses/tracks a student takes.  Candidates must complete 28 Managerial hours, 12 hours of Safety, 20 hours of Technical classes and the 4 hour Productivity course.

The following are examples of the courses offered in the 3 tracks:

Track 1:  Safety & Health Offerings

Track 2:  Technical Offerings

Track 3:  Management Offerings



For additional information, contact Chuck Little at 770-454-6400 or chucklittle@ bellsouth.net


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